A Note of Thanks

ImageCall it the Miss Manners in me but I am always writing thank you notes.  Not just for gifts but just to show extreme appreciation for love and consideration.  Lately I have had so much thanksgiving in my heart for others.  I am so appreciative of their love, concern, and kindness.  As I began to ponder the love of others and thought of the unconditional love, unwaivering concern, and the unfailing kindness of Christ, I wondered why I have written thank you notes to everyone else over the years and never written a conscious note of thanks for the one who has provided for all my needs — emotionally, physically, materially, and spiritually.  Why have so many friends received thank you notes over the years yet my most consistent, reliable, honest-even-when-it-hurts bestie has yet to receive one? 

Is it because Christ is more than my bestie? Is it because he is my Father? It sounds good but recently I sent even my parents a thank you note.  Not because I needed to or because it was expected or because I had not said the words, but because my heart was so overwhelming appreciative for their love and even coddling when their eldest, most independent child needed it most.  This thanksgiving, I will not only tell God thank you for the countless blessings, countless lessons, countless growth but I will take the time to write in indelible ink my most precious thank you note yet. 

Be thankful, Be blessed!

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