I woke up this morning bright and early to get a few early hours of study in.  I am in a training class and have a course that I must complete by Dec. 31 and it seems that I keep putting it off. So often we start something that we need to accomplish, that would benefit our lives or even the life of others but they sometimes requires us to go to bed late, get up early, stretch ourselves, and work harder than we really want to so we keep putting it off.  As this year comes to a close, maybe we should not start thinking about all the cool goals we will set for next year, but rather concentrate on all the cool goals we started and have yet to finish.  

For me, it’s management courses and certs and a book I started at 27, maybe for you its another course, a home-based project, weight-loss goals, a service project, or a building business.  Whatever it is — if you started it — FINISH! (Ecclesiastes 7:8 Finishing is better than starting).

Be blessed!

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