For weeks I have questioned if God would fulfill his good promises to me.  I mean why would he? He already took two great promises from me.  Would he do that only to fulfill it later? Why? 

Sometimes it is so hard to understand why things happen.  It is so hard to fathom how hurt could end up being anything but just awful distressing pain.  It’s even harder to understand why and how the God who loves you so much, who you had relied so much on, would let you down.  

Relying on God is not just about relying on Him to provide what we want when we want it but it’s relying on God to see us through our good situations and our difficult ones.  (Tough). It’s relying on God to know what’s best and to provide for us how and when He thinks it best. (Ouch – like not in our time and according to our very-well thought out plan?) We were after all created for God’s purposes, not our own.  While we are fulfilling his purposes, and delighting in Him, He did however promise to give us the desires of our heart.  

Often times I have heard that a set-back is just a set up for something great. It sounds good — catchy — even cliché as many times that I have heard it.  But, maybe it is more than a catchy phrase and Christian cliché.  I had plans, thought out plans, and yet apparently God had different ones, but just maybe God’s plans were not to disappoint me, hurt me, and strip me of my hopes and desires.  Maybe it was to build me up, increase my gratitude for those around me, and place me in a better position to welcome my future.  Everything God does or allows had a purpose.  Like the rain and the snow, sometimes it is inconvenient, messy, and even gets it the way, but it waters the earth and makes a way for life to grow and bloom.  Likewise, the circumstances, the heartache, the grief, even sadness that God sometimes allows, while inconvenient, emotionally and physically messy, and completely outside of the plan we had, will cause our lives to grow and futures to bloom into something so much better than we expected.  Maybe what we consider a set -back is really a “re-set” preparing us for the set up.  I am learning to accept the re-set, appreciate the growth that precipitates out of it, and awaken to the faith-requiring realization that God will (in His time and His way) fulfill his good promises to me. 

Be blessed!


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