A Thief Called Fear

John 10:10 NIV The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

It’s funny, some of the things that I desire most to do, I am most fearful of. Literally, I will do those things by myself and enjoy them like I can never explain, yet I am too afraid to share that with those I most desire. I had to ask myself, is there something that this fear has me missing is it robbing me of some great joy or an avenue where I can continue to grow in God’s purpose for my life and ability to bless others. Then I remembered who fear is and where fear comes from. Faith comes from God but fear is just a trick of Satan. Fear is a friend of Satan. Satan may be the thief that we are on the look out for, but what about the thief that he recruited called fear. Fear is the biggest thief out there and like Satan, fear only comes to steal our ability to step out in God, kill our unlimited potential to be what God called us to be, and destroy avenues where we could be a blessing for ourselves, our families and others.

Think about what you really want to do, wish you could do, and think maybe you could do but you will not even dare give it a chance due to fear. You may have a tugging on your heart to write but out of fear you don’t, or worse you do but out of fear you never share it. If so, the thief called fear has just robbed so many of the witness and testimony that you have for others. Perhaps you love music and yet will not sing out loud in front of others. If so, just maybe Satan has stolen an avenue of your praise.  Maybe you want to be more fit but fear of what others may think of you or because you don’t think you can stick with it keeps you from going.  If so, fear has just destroyed your ability to live a long healthy life. Fear has caused you to go against God’s desire to maintain your temple that he blessed you with. Fear is robbing us from businesses, relationships, service, worship, and growth every minute.

Every night we lock our doors, we put on our alarms, and do all these things to keep thieves out of our homes and our lives, yet we are walking with, hanging out with, and being controlled by the biggest thief of all. How much has the thief called fear already robbed you of? How much more will you allow? Theft is an awful thing and oftentimes recovering what you lost is nearly impossible — but this is one instance where you can always recover what fear has stolen.  Choose today to safeguard your mind, your heart, your life, and your gifts from the thief called fear.

Be Blessed!

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