Has the Power of God Changed or Just the Measure of Our Faith

For the past few Sundays, I have watched the series, “The Bible” on the History Channel.  As I started watching the series, I marveled at the great feats accomplished by God for his people and using his people.  In watching I could not help but think about how I would love to experience God in the way of people like Abraham who left his home and traveled without a clue to where he was going with complete faith in God believing that he would father more descendants than the stars knowing how old he and his wife were in age.  Or Moses who came so boldly challenging a man who could have him killed with the bat of his false eyelash mandating with all confidence the he would let God’s people go with no more than a wooden staff and a faith that many today would call absolute craziness.  

Is God the same today as he was when he was walking with Abraham, Moses, Noah, Sampson, Joshua, and so many others? Absolutely! So then why are so many of us not seeing the power of God exhibited in our lives like the old Bible greats.  Where have the multitude of indescribable miracles gone?  Actually, I would dare to say that the miracles have not gone anywhere.  The more I asked myself this question, the more I started to look at Abraham and Moses and then back at myself .It was not difficult to see the difference.  The measure of faith that these guys had is amazing.  They didn’t just know and expect that God was going to do something but their zeal for what was about to happen seemed just as strong. I would even go so far as to say that they had a relentless type of faith. There was no other option in their minds — they knew what God told them and they KNEW he would deliver.

I want to be like those old Bible greats – living out and experiencing God’s miracles, not just in my life but in the life of others.  I want the faith that never dies, never wanes, and doesn’t get anxious when circumstances do not instantly change.  If I increase the measure of faith in my life, I am sure that God will increase the measure of his power in my life and those around me.  

Most wonderful God, I thank you! I thank you for yet another ah-ha moment that propels my life in the right direction.  God, increase the measure of my faith and the strength of my zeal for what you can, will, and are about to do in my life.  God make me over more and more in your image and less in the image of myself. God I thank you for the miracles that I will see, experience, and participate in simply because I am relentless in my faith.

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