Blessed and Brought Out

Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:10)

Have you even been uncomfortable with what you are asked to do or say at work, to your clients, or to your team? Are you ever asked to mislead, be less than transparent, or flat out lie? If you have, you know that it is a very uncomfortable situation. It is the type of situation that causes dread on Monday morning (every morning for that matter) as you prepare to start the day.

While your heart is heavy and your soul feels persecuted, know that God will bless you for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven. God desires us to deal with others righteously. He desires that we are honest, that we are transparent, and that we walk in integrity in all areas of our lives. Patiently wait on God and He will bring you out that situation and into something better. You may seem mentally, emotionally, and spiritually persecuted but God promised that you will be blessed when you are persecuted for righteousness.

Dear God, thank you for peace that passes all understanding as I prepare to go into spiritual conflict in my office. God protect me today from the mandate to be dishonest or unrighteous in my dealings. God bless me as I desire to be only what you called me to be in every area of my life — Righteous.


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