It Doesn’t Have to Add Up

EngPic14Yesterday while driving to work, the story of Jesus feeding 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and two fish was pulling on my heart and weighing on my mind. I was drawn to read the account of this story over and over. As someone who has always been very rational and logical, this was a story that I needed to be reminded of. Jesus was doing the will of His father (just because that’s what Jesus does) and as he was about doing that, he had a need….a need to feed the 5000 men plus the women and children that followed him and his disciples into the wilderness. All they had was the bread and fish from a little boy’s lunch. How could that be enough to handle the enormous task of feeding 5000?

This story is like the daily stories of our lives. We are sometimes overwhelmed by all that we need to do, and rather than thanking God for the resources that he has provided us, giving those resources back to him, praying over them and asking God to bless them, we look at the numerical amount available and we begin to do the logical math. Like Jesus’ disciples we look at the situation logically and we limit God’s ability. We allow ourselves to “think” it through instead of praying it through. Balance your checkbook but do not limit God. God was a multiplier back when Jesus fed the 5000 and He is still a multiplier. Don’t focus on the numbers, focus on Jesus. Jesus still performs amazing miracles. Healing the sick, feeding the poor, and even multiplying our resources are not stories of the past; they are possibilities each day.

Dear God we thank you for the time this morning to pause, to spend time with you, and just reflect on amazing you. God we thank you for showing us how you can do so much with such a small amount. God today, we stop placing limits on what you can provide for us and we start focusing on you. God as we follow you, as we live out your purposes for our lives, as we are blessings to others in the wilderness, we trust you to fulfill our needs. From this day forward we stop our pattern of seeing our direct deposits and busily paying bills and we pause to pray over that which you have given us each time, we offer it back up to you, and we thank you in advance for meeting all our needs. God thank you for being the same God that fed 5000 men. Thank you for being absolutely the same God yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Amen.

Be Blessed!

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