Praying for God to Do Our Will on Earth or Truly that God’s Will Be Done on Earth?

EngPic14This morning as I was reading I read a profound statement. The purpose of prayer should not be about getting God to do our will on earth but about getting God’s will done on earth. I personally had to stop and sit with that for a moment. (I’m still sitting with that.) Do we pray to see God move in our lives, move on our behalf? Do we pray so that we can become better, more Godly people and live better lives? I would say yes and not that these are bad prayers but just maybe my prayers should be less about me and more about God’s will being done on earth. Just maybe my walk with God should be more about others.

Dear God, we thank you for each moment of change, growth, development, and perspective. We thank you for a deeper desire to infect others with your love, to inject others with a knowledge of your life changing power, and impact the world at large. Today, we commit it is not about us, but all about you. Today we pick up our crosses and follow your will (not ours) to see a changed, saved, renewed world.

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