Your Passion is Priceless!

EngPic14““Blessed is she who believes that the Lord will fulfill His promises to her.” Luke 1:45 (NIV)
This morning I find myself up working since 2:30 am. I am not working on Project Plans or Proposals or anything that I am paid to do daily. I am up writing a proposal to complete a very inexpensive work that can hopefully bless others and at an extremely nominal cost. I find myself excitedly seeking these opportunities even more. I find that the time and energy I spend still surprises me. I find myself turning down fiscally profitable work to do what I love. As I was sitting here working on it, I thought “wow, passion really is priceless” and started writing this post. I never imagined wanting to do something that had little fiscal return. I once read that you can light the world on fire with your passion and purpose. Passion and purpose are gamechangers. They are life changers. They are worth more than an annual salary or hourly rate. When you find it, you cannot measure its value in anything we typically hold dear but it is the deepest treasure you will find.

Whatever you desire to do; whatever God has purposed in your heart to do. Do it. Do not make excuses; do not disregard it because of it is seemingly unable to provide for you or your needs. God is the great provisioner. As you make your way to his purpose for your life, he will bless you abundantly; above all the you should think or ask.

God, thank you for purpose. Thank you for passion. Thank you courage to step out in pursuit of our passion! Thank you for a reason to start early and go long! As a psalmist recently wrote, “You’re Incredible!

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