PrayerIn the age of communication — tweets, cams, blogs, v-blogs, and everything else, we are rarely speechless. In fact, we are all writing editorials and op-eds on everything that goes on in our lives and in the lives of others but sometimes coming to God during the most difficult times, during the most daunting situations leaves us speechless — utterly at a loss of what to say, what to pray, or what to ask. So, how do we bring that which causes such deep concern, that which causes complete confusion in our hearts, minds, and homes to God when we cannot communicate the issue nor bring a request.

When we come to people we have to communicate effectively: no stuttering, no stammering, no “all over of the place sentences” that lack order and clarity; but God is not like that. God knew that life would bring us to moments of being totally speechless and he long ago left us with our personal speechwriter – the Holy Spirit. “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us”. Romans 8:26.

Dear God, thank you for not requiring intelligible conversation or words from us but we thank you for being able to take our silence, our quiet moments, and rolling tears and knowing just what we need. Thank you for being the God who needs not our words but our hearts. Thank you for hearing our inaudible needs, muted hearts, and silent requests and providing the answers we did not know we needed, the direction we did not expect, and leading us to the outcome we never saw coming. Thank you God for knowing what we need even before we ask.

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